1878 and 127 degrees F.

THE WEATHER.—Fine hot weather continues to prevail in Sydney. Yesterday morning the air was very sultry. The sky was overcast and rain threat- ened ; but as the day went on a pleasant breese sprang up, clearing off the clouds and disappointing those who were anxious for a change. A good fall of rain would be welcomed as a priceless blessing now throughout the country. On inquiry at the Observa- tory we learnt that with but few exceptions the prevailing character of the weather yesterday at all the telegraphic stations was fine and hot the thermometer in many places ranging over 100° Fahrenheit in the shade. At Armidale  however, there had been an inch of rain, probably a thunder shower. Telegrams received by us show that at Orange it was intolerably hot on Saturday, and that on the afternoon of that day a thunderstorm occurred, a house being struck by lightning and totally burnt. Some idea of the heat at Walgett may be gathered from the fact that the thermometer was 162° in the sun and 127° in the shade. And at Bourke 121° was recorded as the shade heat on the same day with no sign of rain. At Burrowa it has reached 112°, and at Parkes 114° in the shade. From the local Press we learn that the closing days of the past week were generally very hot. At Bathurst the thermometer in the shade, on Thursday, was 104° ; at Goulburn, on Friday, it rose to 109°, at Maitland, on Thursday, it was 104° ; at Wagga Wagga, 110°. These figures, taken at places in the north, west, and south may be regarded as fairly representing the atmos- pheric condition of the whole area of the colony. On the coast there was a light easterly wind with smooth sea.

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 15 January 1878


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