“Bourke’s temperature of 119 degrees was six degrees below the record of 125 degrees, made on January 3, 1909. Bourke is credited with having experienced a temperature of 127 degrees in 1877, says the State Meteorologist. Mr. Mares, but this is not accepted by the Weather Bureau, because the thermometer was not enclosed in the wooden screen which is used as a standard throughout the world.”

From The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 29 January 1932 Page 11.

Even though this temperature of 125 F (51.7 Deg C) on the 3rd of Jan 1909 was obviously recorded in a Stevenson screen box and accepted by the Weather Bureau in 1932 it has gone from the BoM records.

The BoM lists  49.7 degrees C (121.5 F) as the highest recorded in Bourke. This is more than 3 degrees C cooler than the previously disputed 127 F.


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