Was the term “Climate change” first used by skeptics?

Long before CO2 could be blamed the debate was already underway. From more than 156 years ago…. 

“INTERESTING FACTS —The Scientific American says —” History informs us us that many of the countries of Europe which now possess very mild winters, at one time experienced severe cold during this season of the year. The Tiber, at Rome, was often frozen over, and snow at one time lay for forty days in that city. The Euxine Sea was frozen over every winter during the time of Ovid, and the rivers Rhine, and Rhone used to be frozen over so deep that the ice sustained loaded waggons. The waters of the Tiber Rhine, and Rhone now flow freely every winter ice is unkown in Rome, and the waves of the Euxine dash their winter foam uncrytalised upon the rocks. Some have ascribed these climate changes to agriculture—the, cutting down of forests, the exposure of the up-turned soiled to the summer’s sun, and the draining of great marshes. We do not believe that such great changes could be produced on the climate of any country by agriculture, and, we are certain that.no theory can account for the contrary change of climate — from cold to warm to cold winters –which history tells us take place in others countries than those named. Greenland received its name from emerald herbage which once clothed its valleys and mountains ; and the east coast, which is now inaccessable on account of perpetual ice heaped upon its shores, was in the eleventh century, the seat of flourishing Scandinavian colonies, all trace of which is now lost. Cold Labrador was named Vinland by the.northmen, who visited it A.D. 1000, and were charmed with its then mild climate. The cause of these changes is an important inquiry A pamphlet by John Murray, civil engineer , has recently been published in London in which he endeavours to attribute these changes of climate to the changeable position of the magnetic poles. ”

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal Saturday 20 October 1855


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